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At Yoga in Me we practice Vinyasa Yoga a flowing form. Focusing on our bodies and our inner perceptions. Believing in respecting our bodies and our practices. Allowing all to find their own limits, while supporting their practice.
Yoga in Me has been in existence since March 2005, prior to that we were Yoga In Melrose. Yoga In Melrose opened in 2001, it had been recognized by many local media, such as WHDH TV Channel 7, as being on of the Best Yoga Studios in New England. Due to our move out of Melrose, our name changed to Yoga in Me. Hoping to continue the mission of our mother studio, and spread the practice of yoga throughout our community.
Yoga in Me is a private studio . Teaching Vinyasa Yoga with a focus on inner perceptions and study through the teachings of the Yoga Sutras. Our practice is for serious students, looking to study true YOGA.....and yoga not as a form of exercise.

Please join us at Yoga in Me, No Registration or long term commitment is needed, just your willingness to practice yoga.
Welcoming New Practioners. Please write to yim@yogainme.com for information on how to join our practice.

Yogini Dani

Self-discovery and rediscovery define my personal yoga practice.  My yoga journey paused for two full decades between the time I first stepped upon a yoga mat as a youthful teenager and the birth of my second child in adulthood.  As a new mother, I worked as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer with many fitness certifications, specializing in weight room training, sports nutrition and kinesiology and BS in Biology.  Serving for several years as a YMCA Fitness Director, I recognized that I needed something different in my workouts. I turned to yoga. Realizing I had little knowledge, I decided to take a yoga teacher training; I achieved teacher certification in 1994. Wishing to cultivate my own practice and awareness, I began studying yoga at a variety of studios throughout the Boston area, and learning through workshops with some of the practiced Yogis of the world. I subsequently completed two more teacher certifications.

I taught Yoga privately for a number of years until in 2001, when in response to my students’ prodding; I opened my first studio “Yoga in Melrose”, located on Washington Street.  Four years later I moved the studio to Maplewood Square in Malden, which prompted the name change to “Yoga in Me.”  Teaching had deepened my practice, and the timely name alteration reflected a philosophical change that focused on inner perceptions and integration of the poses rather than physical effort.  Teaching provides clarity; all of us can practice and achieve the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga.  There is yoga in all of us.

In 2008, leaving the public practice. Personalize my teaching and allowing yoga sutras to guide our practice, we turn our attention to inner perception and integration. It is an honor to be teaching yoga, to see my students discover inner strength and peace through their practice.  This is our journey and my inspiration.

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 We show up,  burn brightly in the   moment.  When the moment is over    and our work is done,  
we step back and let go.